Distinguished Educators

Sayers “Bud” Miller Distinguished Educator Award

This award honors the first chair of the NATA Professional Education Committee, Sayers “Bud” Miller. The objective of this award is to recognize individuals who exemplify excellence in the field of athletic training education.

To be eligible for nomination, individuals must currently be BOC certified, a member of the teaching faculty for 10 years, have evidence of quality in published manuscripts, and in formal oral presentations concerned with issues in athletic training. (Complete Award Criteria)

Recipients by Name: (View All)
Amato, Herbert
Behnke, Robert
Bell, Gerald
Compton, Rod
Delforge, Gary
Donley, Philip
Durrant, Earlene
Ferrara, Michael
Foster, Danny T.
Gallaspy, James
Gieck, Joe
Knight, Kenneth
Koehneke, Peter B.
Krein, Carl
Lephart, Scott
Newell, William E.
Perrin, David
Prentice, William
Ray, Richard
Schrader, John
Spear, Paul
Thatcher, John
Toburen, Karen
Turocy, Paula
Weidner, Thomas
Willock, Larry
Wright, Kenneth

Recipients by Year:
2005: Foster, Danny T.
2004: Turocy, Paula
2003: Amato, Herbert; Weidner, Thomas
2002: Durrant, Earlene; Thatcher, John
2001: Ferrara, Michael; Ray, Richard
2000: Koehneke, Peter B.; Wright, Kenneth
1999: Lephart, Scott
1998: Bell, Gerald
1997: Prentice, William
1996: Perrin, David
1995: Knight, Kenneth; Toburen, Karen
1994: Delforge, Gary
1993: Willock, Larry
1992: Gallaspy, James
1991: Schrader, John
1990: Spear, Paul
1989: Compton, Rod
1988: Krein, Carl
1987: Behnke, Robert
1986: Gieck, Joe
1985: Donley, Philip
1984: Newell, William E.